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About Us

Stash ATM was founded in 2020. As a family-owned business with a small staff size, we prioritize hard work, and are destined to grow in the future. Stash ATM is recognized for excellence in providing a variety of ATM Services, including but not limited to full-service ATM placements, cash management, transaction processing, merchant services, parts sales, and much more. Here at Stash ATM, we take pride in our nominal 24/7 customer and technical support through our business partners.

Currently, we only run services in Texas. Our main office is situated in Houston, but our services extend far and wide across Texas. We at Stash ATM are proud to be your ultimate resource for ATMs and merchandising.

Full Service Program

We will install, connect, program, load machines with cash and send you checks. All you will have to provide is a safe spot to install the machine.

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